Evoco Ltd.

Evoco’s mission is to close the loop on unsustainable goods, for good. The Company has replaced petrochemicals with plant based alternatives in the manufacturing of high performance products.


Fieldless Farms Inc.

Fieldless Farms is a Controlled Environment Agriculture company that uses a unique mix of technologies to replace produce grown far away with safe, sustainable and affordable local products.


Croptimistic Technology Inc.

Croptimistic’s technology allows producers to use variable-rate farming practises to optimize profitability.


Red Dog Deli Raw Food Company Inc.

Red Dog Blue Kat is the maker of high quality, ethically sourced fresh pet food.


S3 Enterprises Inc.

Manufacturer of equipment, component parts and air systems for the agricultural industry.


Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.

High value manufacturer, distributor and developer of green agronomically superior fertilizers used in the agriculture industry.


Mother Raw

Creator and manufacturer of a line of fresh, consciously crafted and delicious plant-powered dressings, marinades, dips, condiments and quesos.


LHG Foods Inc.

A diversified food processor that leads the Canadian market for specialty meat and fish products. Its footprint covers the domestic markets and major export markets such as Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America.

Perlite Canada Inc.

Perlite produces, distributes and sells perlite and vermiculite used in the horticultural sector.


Food 4 Pets Canada

Food 4 Pets is a leader in the manufacturing, production and distribution of high end wet, canned dog and cat food.


Awake Chocolate

A Missassauga, Ontario based company that produces and sells delicious functional chocolate under its AWAKE and mello brands.


Just Solutions Agriculture

An insurance brokerage that offers top farm business clients throughout Western Canada a unique way to protect their cash flow.


Big Marble Farms

A family run greenhouse and packhouse offering fresh, locally produced vegetables 365 days a year.


Alasko Foods Inc.

Alasko distributes frozen fruits and vegetables sourced from more than 100 specialty producers around the world.


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